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How to Design Effective Postcard


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Design of postcard is a crucial element in marketing. A good design of postcard not only attracts target audience but it also makes your message easier and clearer to understand. Simple but elegant low-cost postcards have become a valuable tool for modern marketers. A postcard can produce a flood of high quality sales leads and traffic to your Website.

Let’s have a look on simple tips to make your postcard more attractive;

Card Stock
You should choose thick card stock. It may cost more than regular paper. The reason for thick postcard material is that heavier paper stock is more durable and lasts longer than ordinary thin paper.

Your postcard message should be simple. Simple postcard advertising is a key to success because too much information can confuse readers and may cause your target audience to lose attention and interest on the item you sell.

You should use correct font size and font style so that your target audience can understand postcards’ message accurately. On your postcards always employ at least 10pt font size and use a sans-serif font such as Arial, Verdana and Tahoma because this kind of font has a sharper and cleaner look.

According to a market survey, it is proved that people likely to respond to a colored and feature full designed postcards rather than the combination of one or two colors. The reason behind this fact is, postcards featured with visual cues in full- colors can grab the attention of readers and observers. Thus, most consumer experts recommend to entrepreneurs that they should employ good color schemes such as shades of red, yellow, oranges and neon colors.

You can use checkboxes on your postcard if you intend to distribute them in the surveys form. Checkboxes will allow your target audience to quickly answer the postcards survey forms.

Design Both Sides of Postcards
Designing both front and back sides of your postcards can help recipient to see your message immediately regardless which side of postcard faces up.

Quality Printing Makes Sense
If you have used image or graphics on your postcards then make sure postcard is well-printed. Poor printing service can give bad impression of your postcards, even though you made a great design and lay-out.

Big Cards
Every business entrepreneur print standard sized postcards. SoHealth Fitness Articles, do something different for your audience. Bigger postcards can be impressive and are impossible to ignore. Postcards sized (6x9 or 6x11) can be more attractive than standard sized.

Keep in mind these simple techniques and enjoy positive response from your target audience.